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Premature Ejactulation

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Premature Ejactulation

Premature ejactulation is a condition that most men could have suffered from at least at some point throughout their lives. It is one of the most common male sexual problems that can affect both partners. It is explained as a condition where the male is not capable of delaying his ejactulation to a point that is desirable for both man and his partner. This occurs even before the man wants it to occur. In certain cases, some males ejactulate during foreplay, while others upon the initial penetration.

The precise cause of premature ejactulation is still unknown. There are a few men who feel that 5 to 10 minutes prior to orgasm is not enough and they think that this is an ejactulation problem. In this case, it is most likely that ejactulation problems can be psychological than physiological. The occurrences in men as well as the factors that cause this condition vary from one man to another, so it is difficult to pinpoint a standard cause as well as come up with a standard treatment.

** The following are some of the possible causes:

- Anxiety during the first sexual experience may have developed into a long-term anxiety toward sex which in turn can cause prolonged occurrence of premature ejactulation
- Adverse experience of sex during his childhood [child molestation, incest, etc.]
- Long period of abstinence from sexual intercourse
- Problem controlling ejactulation especially with younger men
- Compared to older men, younger men are more likely to ejactulate quickly
- Poor sexual performance that leads to anxiety and depression
- Anticipating rejection from one's partner that leads to anxiety
- Anticipation of failure to sexually satisfy one's partner
- Anticipation of physical pain which can also lead to anxiety
- Religious and cultural beliefs
- Financial problems
- Stress [career, personal, etc.]
- Relationship issues/problems
- Side-effects from some prescription drugs
- Some physiological causes such as inflammation of prostate gland or spinal chord problems may cause ejactulation problems

** Ways to prevent/alleviate this condition:

- Psychotherapy can help maintain a healthy and positive attitude towards sex
- Avoid blaming yourself because anyone can be inflicted with ejaculation and other sex-related problems
- Keep a healthy diet and lifestyle to help your body improve overall
- Use relaxation techniques to reduce stress
- Understand the things you want to know about sex

There are other techniques which are used to control premature ejactulation. The "squeeze technique" is a popular and effective preventative technique among all others. Squeeze technique is a form of behavioral therapy which a guy can use if he feels that unexpected ejactulation will occur. The guy or his partner squeezes his penis shaft between fingers and a thumb to apply gentle pressure below the penis head or glans for at least 20 seconds. After this, intercourse can be resumed.

This technique can be repeated when necessary. If the squeeze technique is successful, it allows the man to learn how to delay ejaculation and eventually he'll gain control over ejactulation without the squeeze technique.

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Best Premature Ejactulation E-Book
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