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Premature Ejackulation

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Premature Ejackulation

Premature ejackulation, according doctors, is the condition where a male reaches orgasm prematurely before he needs to ejackulate. On average, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to ejackulate after the man's arousal.

Normally, the couple achieves orgasm together and even if the woman reaches orgasm first, the man can still satisfy her when he orgasms. But with premature ejackulation, the man usually has negative feelings because it is a frustrating thing for him. In the long run, his partner can become frustrated too because with sex, both partners need to feel and achieve satisfaction due to orgasm.

Looking into the root causes of premature ejackulation, one may find that stress and anxiety play significant roles in this condition. One of the best advices is to relax. Many guys were able to overcome their conditions by relaxing and staying calm each time they will have an intimate moment with their partners. It is advisable to condition the body to relax so that the level of excitement won't ruin your plan and the moment itself while you are with your partner.

* Here are some helpful tips for you to overcome premature ejackulation:

- Minimize on foreplay

If you wish to maximize and prolong penetration during intercourse, it is best to limit or shorten foreplay. You can do this by not turning on your partner for too long or if it is difficult for her, you can ask her to control her urges if she wants a prolonged penetration so you can control ejackulating right away.

- Use the squeeze or pinch technique

When you are about to ejackulate untimely, pinch or squeeze your penis on the area between the penis head and shaft. This will prevent you from ejackulating or feeling that way. You can let your partner do it for you if you want to concentrate on controlling the sensation.

- Put on your condom when you feel like ejackulating

You can put on your condom if there's already a sensation. You can do this slowly so you're mind will be preoccupied with it. You can ask your partner to help you put the condom, however, if you think it will only make matters worse, just do it yourself.

- Relax

There are many relaxation techniques that you can use before and during intercourse. Deep breathing is one technique that you can do before and during sex. This can calm your nerves and helps you defocus from sex for a while.

- Stop and start technique

This is a psychotherapy approach wherein a guy stops when he feels that he is about to ejackulate and then starts over again when the urge subsides. You can practice this while masturbating so you'll be able to train yourself to control ejackulation during intercourse.

If you need more information regarding techniques and methods in preventing premature ejackulation, its root causes and solutions, check out Ejaculation Trainer. This e-book uses a scientific approach in dealing with this condition and a number of well-laid methods are put into place so you can practice and master them.

Best Premature Ejackulation E-Book
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